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Distinctive Products for your Bath & Kitchen!


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Here you will find some of the most beautiful countertops and shower and bathtub walls & shower floors that man has ever created for your home.  Combining the beauty of natural stone with the  strength and resilience that only today's technology can produce. Each piece is handcrafted and unique in it's own way.


Tere-Stone vanity tops with an integrated backsplash and sink.  Easy to clean!  You can purchase a side splash for either side.  The bathtub and shower walls come in different heights and colors.  Trim kits, soap dishes which can be recessed on installed in the corner, shampoo holders, benches, and seats are available.  Shower bases are also available in many sizes.

Tere-Stone is a cast filled polyester material with an ultra-high performance Terephthalic Resin combined with Dolomite, whereas similarly cast products such as cultured marble utilize a low grade resin with calcium carbonate filler. As a result , TERE-STONE is a significantly stronger and denser than cultured marble and over six times more resistant to thermal shock cracking or crazing in the bowl area. Similar to solid surface products on the market today. TERE-STONE maintains consistent color throughout the base material. Unlike traditional solid surface which offer exclusively a matte finish. TERE-STONE also consists of an "NPG" isophthalic Polyester Gel Coat system, providing a high-luster finish or an optional Matte finish that is easy to maintain. This results in a finished surface that is specifically formulated for water, heat, chemical, stain and abrasion resistance including even cigarette burns.

Beautiful depth of color characteristic striations and ultimate durability. combined with a very high level of quality assurance and control, the skills of the dedicated craftsmen and the Taylor Industries transferable Ten Year Warranty are your assurance that a TERE-STONE product will retain it's beautiful appearance for years of trouble free use.

Use the Marble Polish/Cleaner once a month to maintain the beauty of the product!



The beauty of marble at a reasonable price!  Terestone Counter tops and banjo tops have an integrated bowl and backsplash.  You can purchase side splashes if desired.  Shower walls and shower bases are also available.










(click on image to enlarge)


Available Edge's



                                                          Flat                                   No Drip                           Beveled

The flat and No drip edge are 3/4" thick.  The beveled edge is 1 1/2" thick.


Key Benefits


  • Vanity tops with a high luster finish at an extraordinary low price.

  • 10 year transferable warranty.

  • Consistent color throughout the surface and base material.

  • Resistant to stains, cigarette burns and abrasions.

  • Unlimited design capabilities and color selection.

  • Surface color is consistent throughout base material.

  • Easy to care for.






Key Benefits of Tub/Shower Walls, Shower Floors, Walls, Shower Bases, Soap Dishes, Shampoo Holders, Seats, & Benches:


  • 3 year warranty
  • You can purchase the whole shower package
  • You can purchase just the shower floor in many sizes
  • You can purchase the walls for your tub/shower, shower or soaking tub
  • You can purchase the shampoo and soap holders separately
  • Most complete shower kits come with a recessed soap dish and recessed shampoo  holder
  • Surface color is consistent throughout base material
  • Slip resistant
  • 3/8" thick wall panels
  • Resistant to chemicals, stains, cigarette burns and abrasions
  • High Luster Finish

Many Custom Shower Packages Now Available!!!!  They will include the base, walls, benches, specifications, etc. 



Terestone consoles have an integrated sink and backsplash.  They are supplied with the sink legs.


Key Benefits

  • 10 year warranty
  • Resistant to stains, cigarette burns and abrasions
  • Surface color is consistent throughout the base material



Standard Colors




Marbleized Colors





 Duo Cast Colors






Sierra Colors







Bowl Colors




CARE  AND  MAINTENANCE  INSTRUCTIONS for Wall Surrounds, Shower Units, & Bathtub Decking:


An abbreviated version of the following instructions also appear on a sticker located on the vanity top surface which is to be removed only by the homeowner or occupant.


1.      To Clean  -  For High-Luster finish use only a mild non-abrasive liquid or foam cleaner.  For Matte finish mildly abrasive cleansers may be used to clean and maintain finish.  After showering use a Cleret Squeegee to remove excess water, minerals and soap from your walls.


2.      To Polish  -  We recommend periodic use of the commercial liquid product "Gel Gloss", as manufactured by TR Industries, South Gate, CA.  After hand-polishing the top with Gel Gloss or automotive paste wax, a final application of the  product "Cultured Marble Polish by TR Industries" ***, available through your local distributor, will provide a finished high-luster surface. To purchase these products now please shop at


3.      CAUTION  -  Check your water temperature  -  water temperature in excess of 150 degrees F can damage this surface.  Do not use instant hot water dispensers.

4.      Remove minor scratches from High-Luster finish with the liquid commercial product "Gel Gloss".  When encountering more severe scratches, first attempt to remove them using a rag and DuPont "No. 7" white auto polishing compound.  If scratches persist, follow Taylor Industries "Buffing Out Surface Scratches".

*** Cultured Marble Polish keeps the surfaces sparkling clean by imparting an invisible, long-lasting, smudge proof coating that repels water, mineral deposits, mildew, and rust.  Treated surfaces are resistant to water spotting, finger marking, and fogging.  Cultured Marble Cleaner simplifies cleaning.

If you'd like to purchase Cultured Marble Polish, Squeegees, or Gel Gloss just give us a call at 603-893-6777 or to purchase now please shop at

Please note:  We can not be held responsible as some manufacturers may vary their formula.  We have used the above on our products and have not had any problems.

  Cultured Marble Polish for your Shower Walls and Countertops.

  Great protection for your faucets, shower trim, shower heads, hand showers, etc.

  Great squeegees for your walls and shower doors will keep your shower sparkling clean!


                        Gel-Gloss Polish & Rejuvenator contains the most effective carnauba waxes to produce the highest   surface luster possible. Gel-Gloss leaves a smooth, sealed surface that eliminates water-spotting and staining. In addition to fiberglass, marble and acrylics surfaces, use Gel-Gloss confidently on ceramic, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain and plastic laminate surfaces.

To purchase now please shop at:


If you live in New England we would love to sell to you.  We can ship the cleaners, anywhere in the U.S.  but not the countertops or Tere-stone shower or tub walls and bases!  If you are not in New England please contact to find a local dealer.  You have to put the dash in.

See our Directions / Hours page if you'd like to stop by our showroom to see Terestone countertops, Showers, bases,  Wall surrounds, & colors!

Or email us at:    (if you do not hear back from us, within 12 hours, then please know that we have not received your email!

Or call us at 603-893-8577 or 603-893-6777.

You can also fax your order to:   603-893-6555.

Call 603-893-8577 for our Specials.  Can not be combined with any other coupons or offers.

Contact Information

Tere-Stone is available through Fixtures Etc

Our showroom is located in tax free, Salem, New Hampshire.